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Tomáš Palucha is ever changing band, with fluctuating musicians centered around the duo Jan Tomáš and Libor Palucha. The head count at the moment is four. Apart from the founding members there is also the drummer Vítek known from Rutka Laskier and the phonic wizard Tomáš Vondra from Orient

Their latest albums Guru (Silver Rocket, 2016) and Čaro (Day After Records, 2018) introduced the band into a wide public and the albums received only positive reviews.

The music under the moniker Tomáš Palucha may quite surprise you with its easy accessibility.

They rarely use the sound of hard guitars, far often it flows into a calm beat, slowly developing quiet motives that sneak in and hypnotically graduate up to noisy passages.

Unpretentious, engaging, imaginative and free music, that does not fit into well known categories, builds mainly on a fine interplay of two guitars and almost without exception does so without the help of vocals.


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