Terra Profonda

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The Hungarian trio Terra Profonda combines elements of traditional folk music, western blues, jazz and progressive avant-garde music to create a unique sound. The compositions are textually enriched by visionary poetry and original instrumentation. The unique blend creates songs on the border of ungodliness and heavenly splendor.

The term “terra profonda” comes from Italian and refers to deep, fertile soil. Vincenzo Lo Buglio is a singer and songwriter from Palermo, Sicily. His visionary lyrics, blues experience and unavoidable voice, and Tom Waits, play a key role in the music of the Hungarian group Terra Profonda, which is characterized by a mundane and earthy sound inspired by blues, American roots music, jazz and Eastern European folk music. The traditional folk musician Krisztián Kiss is responsible for its echoes in the band, while the jazz and contemporary feel is then provided by bassist and saxophonist Mátyás Szabó. Saxophone and Irish bouzouki, Moldovan koboz and fretless bass mature in their music into one organic and original sound.


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