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OUM SHATT are Jonas Poppe, Chris Imler, Jörg Wolschina, Richard Murphy

OUM SHATT is a boy group from Berlin below the poverty line, consisting of singer and innovator Jonas Poppe (Ex-Kissogram) who has been playing arabic and turkish records in Berlin clubs for years, Jörg Wolschina (Der Elegante Rest), Richard Murphy (Michael Knight) and drummer Chris Imler, the Don Corleone of Berlin rock’n’roll.

OUM SHATT perform a radically pure and minimal form of rock’n’roll, with arabic references. It’s a deep and dark analog dance construct, percussive and nonchalant, based on Jonas Poppe’s intense voice and the slow and deep surf guitar sound and electronic connotations.

A bit of Ricky Nelson with a moustache.

Or Ian Curtis naked in Cairo, half past three in the morning.

Lyrically OUM SHATT combine topics like sex and crisis, attack and escape or dilemmas, love and lies.


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