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This band is unclassifiable and one can hardly look for something similar.

According to the frontman Albert Romanutti, its style is “marshmallow, because it’s pink and fragrant - just fine, the best the splendid!” He excels in boundless imagination, dreamy vigor, lightness, playfulness and formability. They sail away from all the boxes and established formulas, not only in terms of content but also in terms of form - the fact that the songs and their clips should be of approximate carrying length does not bother them at all.

In 2016 when they debuted with the single Haluzinace, which was characterized by a psychedelic concept and abstract text, many people felt that Bert & Friends could not go any further. However, the songs Plody moří (Fruits of the Sea) or Piš mi básně (Write Poems to Me) clearly proved that these creators are absolutely unique! They even claim that they returned from the future and came to save the music scene with their songs. The fans are now stunned by the visionary album called 2050: Live at Strahov, which is a “record” of their concert, which will take place in 2050 at the hopelessly sold-out Strahov Stadium. There is no concert alike in the past and most likely there’s no such concert in the future too.


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